Some 15 years have past and some of us are actually still writing music!
New releases coming in 2021:

RavenF. : Never Going Back
Twenty years in the making. A collection of songs written for various projects that were never used and (generally) tossed aside. Some tracks that actually were stolen back from either Calear or Radius Desire……cause I wanted to.

Brutal Bastion : The Unveiling
The last few years have been really revealing as to who gains and HOW the rest of us lose. Brutal returns with more stories to keep you asking questions….and hopefully standing with revolutionary love to move us FORWARD!

Wire Junkie – Sacred subText
Wire Junky was a project RaveF started over 30 years ago…..all those years trying to find Female vocalist and never actually finding one that could werk within the styles of music I’d laid out. The challenge that proved I’m not talented enough to write something ‘not so complicated or busy’
Well, here for your listening pleasure is a huge collection of what I once thought was ‘dance’ friendly music. Twenty tracks written over the last 25 years.

NoiZe iN tHe AddiCt : Child of Darkness
A project started by Myc Beckman and RavenF of Calear about 20 years ago. The tracks Raven wrote were too ‘songy structured for Myc’ so we gave up the project.
I have continued to write what feels right to me…. the NoiZe in my head is also connected to affliction, addiction, exclusion, disillusion….. the world is not just what you hear in your head….

Enjoy the Noize!

Raven F.